July 9, 2008

The Greats of Granny-Great

It's been a while since I shared any lessons from Granny-Great. When she was here for T's birthday party, she told me something that I must share. Really, most of her fashion related tips just have to be shared...it wouldn't be fair to keep them for myself.

I spotted an unfamiliar handbag on my couch. I originally thought that it was one of my cousins (age 12 and 13) because it was several colors of plaid with gold trim and buckles. (I am so mad I didn't get a picture of it to share.) Once my aunt told me who it belong to, I went over to my grandmother and said, "Granny, I like that purse. Is it new?"

Her reply, "Oh. Yes. It is. Would you believe that I have been carrying a purse from Penney's for a few weeks and not a one comment about it? I bought that one at Goody's the other day for $19.99 and EVERYONE has said how much they love it. You should have heard everyone at Bunco on Tuesday. I took that other one back to Penney's. I'll carry that new one...I have gotten so many compliments on it!"

She is clearly influenced by her buddies at Senior Friends and their comments---or lack there of. Her hairdresser has some influence over her, too. We have tried for years, unsuccessfully, to have her bathe herself in some other kind of cologne beside Passion (by Elizabeth Taylor, she always reminds me!). She told me that every time she goes to have her hair set, her "beauty operator" tells her how good she smells and as long as she is getting compliments, she will keep on smelling like Mrs. Taylor's Passion! I have been tempted to look that lady up and encourage her to stay mum on Granny's next few visits.

Which, when she sees the new bag that her client is sporting, she may be able to skip the fragrance talk all together and get right to admiring the new handbag.

We would all be blessed by her kindness.


The Garners said...

I wish I could meet this sweet lady! This is too cute!

Mandy said...

OMG!!!!!!!! I was just sharing some of Granny's wisdom with the people at my office this week and then there you do putting a post about her on your blog!!!