July 28, 2008

LR: Day two

Our second day in LR we saw lots of people that we love and miss. Our first stop was Immanuel where we surprised Mrs. Susan. It was just wonderful to see her!

Then we met the Garners and the Svobodas at the zoo. It was really hot, but we had a good time during our short visit. Rhett was our tour guide--a job he took very seriously. Here is warning Z that the snakes behind that glass are venomous and he should not get too close.
Alexee and T were pretty content getting pushed around in their strollers. We caught Alexee putting her hand on T's leg at one point. He made her take it off--something I am sure he will regret one day!
Here is the whole crew. Z, T, Olivia, Alexee and Rhett. The Svoboda twins stayed home...Becca is brave, but she does have her limitations!
Jamie, me and Becca
Z took this picture. I was impressed.

After the zoo, we were off to Purple Cow. I did not get a picture of that wild scene...3 adults, 2 toddlers and 3 four year olds eating lunch. I am sure you can get your own mental picture. Just know that when we left we were ALL covered in purple ice cream.

That afternoon we visited Brittany and her precious kiddos. I loved seeing them! Z and Mary Sydney have had a pretty serious courtship going on for a few years and they picked up right where they left off. Sorry, no pictures of them either!

That evening we went to our old cul de sac and visited our old neighbors. We were only able to see two families, but we loved seeing them so much. This part of the trip was very bittersweet for me. Both families were in awe at how much T had grown since we left. No pictures of this visit...I know I must do better!! I was too focused on not having an emotional breakdown.

Jamie came over after the babies were down and we visited for a while. Then we were off to bed...


The Garners said...

This was so fun--Rhett and his zoo-tour-guide job...he's a mess!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Yes, very impressed with Z's photography skills! That's actually pretty good!

Becca said...

We had so much fun, too. However, you do know that you rank really high on my list for me to visit the zoo in this heat with you! ha

Becca said...

This day brought back so many memories.....We sure do miss you guys!

Mandy said...

I am going to have to go to this Purple Cow you always speak of! Purple ice cream? I have to try it!!!