July 28, 2008

Eighty Three

Granny-Great with a sampling of her
grandkids and great grandkids

Mom and Mark after hosting their big shindig...worn out!
Our family celebrated Granny-Great's 83rd birthday last week. It was also the first get together in my mom's new house--another reason to celebrate! There was good food (Thanks Brandon and Mark!) and lots of family.
I am so blessed to have my grandmother still in my life. At 83, she is just as fun and OPINIONATED as she was 20 years ago. We love you, Granny Great! Wishing you many more happy, healthy years.


The Garners said...

This is so neat! I'd like to meet her!

Mandy said...

Sure wish I could have been there to help everyone celebrate Granny's bday!

Becca said...

Awww...look at that cute couple on the front door step.
I would like to meet your Granny, too. Although I believe knowing you is probably pretty close to knowing her!