July 10, 2008

More chit chat

Wanted to share another "Z-ism" from this morning:

Z was talking about how great Heely's are. I, personally, cannot stand the way that they look or the way that kids roll everywhere in them, but I was trying to engage in his conversation.

I asked him, "Wasn't that a great idea someone had? To put wheels in the back of shoes. That is called an invention."
Z: "Heely's are the best invention in the whole world."
Me: "I don't think so. I really think air conditioning, or computers, or cars are the best. I sure wouldn't want to have to walk everywhere or ride a horse."
Z: "Yeah, or ride in a VOLKSWAGON!"

Um, yeah. Something like that.


kinsey said...

scott has heely's.

can't believe i admitted that...

Mandy said...

What does he have against Volkswagons????