October 27, 2009


Zachary has a tendency to point out the things that Trent cannot do or is not big enough to be a part of. I try to encourage him to build his little brother up and focus on the things he can do and things he is really good at. When they were coloring one day and Trent was scribbling all over his page it was irritating Zachary. He finally said, "If there was a coloring contest for babies, Trent, I bet you would win it."

Another day they received a package in the mail from their great Aunt Martha. Inside along with lots of goodies were two fake stones with crosses on them. Trent said, "Momma, is this the rock that Jesus died on?" Zachary answered, "He really is a smart kid."

Trent to Brandon: "Daddy, you need some skinny jeans."

Trent spent the night with my mom last weekend. He said, "I slept with my eyes closed like this." (squinted his eyes real tight)

Brandon: I love you, Trent.
Trent: I love you too. A LOT of people love ME!

Zachary was telling us about an author who came to his school to talk. He said, "His in-law brother was at his house and he was raised in a barn and didn't know you were suppose to shut doors...."


Mandy said...

Love those two!

The Garners said...

Always love these posts. Love the skinny jeans comment...hope B is shopping for those now!

Kandi West said...

I love reading your posts...always make me smile!

KK said...

They continue to say the darnedest things:) And Trent is SO right.