October 26, 2009

Game on!

We celebrated Zachary's 6th birthday on Friday night with a bowling and laser tag party. He invited 3 sweet friends and they had such a great time. We had cake and opened presents at home before heading out for games. Favors with cute bag tags by KK

Zachary didn't want baby brother to tag along so he stayed with Grandmother. (Thanks Mom!) He saw the cake before he left and I felt so sorry for him that I cut him a tiny piece out of the back. We sang and he chowed down...so he didn't miss all the action.
Singing Happy Birthday
He blew them all out with ease...I forgot to remind him to make a wish
Zachary gave Zack Tyler the biggest hug after opening his gift.
Doesn't he remind you of an old man smoking a cigar with his arms crossed?!
Love that 6 year old boys come in all sizes
Little Zack and my Zac ready for some laser tag
Preparing for battleGame facesBrandon on the move
I think it was everyone against BrandonHaving a ball
Then we were off to bowl a game

A few video games
They are so protective of Little Zack. I just love how they watch out for him and even carry him around if needed.
I love the pure joy on Zachary's face
And then more laser tag
Zachary had a great time and the little guys that joined us were such neat kids. We delivered them to their parents and came home to pass out! Wore us out!!!
Happy 6th Birthday Zachary!!


The Garners said...

This looks like a GREAT time!!! Happy Birthday, sweet Z!!!

I LOVE the little piece of cake cut out of the back for T...bless his heart! :)

KK said...

Great pictures of fun times. Hope these boys treasure each others friendship for many years to come.
Cannot believe Z will be 6 tomorrow:( He has grown up toooooo fast.
Love, KK