October 1, 2009

Fair Day

Today both boys went on a field trip to the fair. Thanks to some help from our KK, we were able to pull off being on both field trips for the duration of the time at the fair.

This is Zachary showing off his field trip t-shirt before school
two cuties!
My sweet little buddy
I loved seeing them all sitting there paying attention to the juggler
Ruby needed a little assistance getting up on the bench. Ally was happy to help
We laughed and got pictures, but we did help the poor child in the end.
Then Z's little group arrived.
This is Jabo--Z's best school buddy...they were trying to make funny faces, but I never got a picture of them both doing it.

Zachary liked the juggling man too.
I think tonight we'll go back and ride some rides. That's my excuse for going, but I'm really just going for the junk food! Funnel cake for dinner!:)


The Garners said...

Miss those boys! (and you, too!) :)

KK said...

Fun day for these 2 cutie pies. Still craving Funnel Cake though:(

Mandy said...

I love funnel cake and don't see anything wrong with eating it for dinner!