October 30, 2009


Zachary had a wonderful 6th birthday. Much to his dismay, it fell on a weekday so he had to go to school. I did take him lunch and we had cookies with his class during afternoon snack time. Then for dinner we had a family party that he enjoyed very much. I just cannot believe he is SIX!
Early morning birthday presents. He got all kinds of hunting paraphernalia...but the new Ipod was the biggest hit!His name on the sign out in front of his school Cookies at school for his big day
The package was delivered to him at school, but he made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone who it was from!!:) [a girl!!]
LOTS of family came to El Chico for a birthday dinner
Surprised and thrilled by a new Nintendo DS
All the cousins checking out the new game
Singing HB
He acts so embarrassed but when the wait staff came around the corner with the hat, he jumped up and down raising his hand!

Special birthday for a very special boy!


KK said...

So thankful he had a great 6th birthday! He was too cute when they came in with his sombrero:)

Mandy said...

What a great birthday! Hope you had a great one Zachary!!