October 30, 2009

Moving Thru My Thirties

I turned 32 over weekend....didn't I JUST turn 30?? I had an awesome birthday--I really think it was the best one that I can remember. Nicole and Corey joined Brandon and I for a weekend in Dallas. We stayed at the Westin in the Galleria and shopped and ate--can't complain much about that. On Sunday, Brandon and I went to our first game at the new Cowboys stadium. It did not disappoint and the Cowboys won! Fun weekend with great friends!

This is the only picture I have of us with friends from the weekend. We took another in front of our hotel, but Corey said I smiled WAY to big so I guess I deleted it.

This is the only picture I took at the football game. I really rocked it with the photography!

Before I left for my weekend of fun, I had lunch with some of my best buddies on Friday. They treated me to mexican food and then Nancy treated me to a pedicure and eyebrow wax. Should I be offended that she offered to pay for me to have my brows shaped?!

I can't believe it, but we didn't get a single picture of us at lunch!

Kaye treated me to lunch and presents on Thursday where she shocked me with this gift:

It's my blog in book form! I seriously was ecstatic!!! This blog has been my kids' scrapbook for the past 3 years. I never print pictures, I've quit journaling except for very personal things, and their baby books went to the wayside a while back. This book is the perfect gift and I was/am THRILLED about it!!!

I also got lots of other great gifts from other family members and friends. Brandon surprised me last week before my tennis match with a new racquet and bag. I mean, I racked up!! Great, great birthday...seriously the best ever!

Thanks to everyone who helped make it special. I am blessed.


KK said...

So thankful you had a great birthday WEEK.
Feel free to slow down on the blog posts:)

Mandy said...

Sounds like you had a FABULOUS bday!

Erin said...

What a thoughful gift! That's awesome.

pengellylove said...

Love the blog book. I have to know where to get one done for me? Wonder what the cost is???