December 17, 2007


Saturday night my group of friends from high school got together for a girls night. We have not missed celebrating Christmas together since we graduated from high school. I don't know if there has ever been a year when we were all able to make it, but it is always a fun time. We had such a great time reminiscing on all the wild times we had in junior high and high school. Now that the majority of us are mommies, we were analyzing and laughing about our parents tactics growing up. We found it hilarious all the things we admitted when we weren't actually busted. We just hope our kids have that guilty conscience that we all had!

Thanks to Stacie for hosting a wonderful night!


Mandy said...

It is good that you are back in your hometown, so you are able to be with your girlfriends during the holidays! That is what I miss the most!

The Garners said...

This sounds fun--I'm so glad you got to have a girls' night!