December 17, 2007

Playdate with Jackpaw

Z looked forward all week to a playdate with Jackpaw and KK. I discovered why when KK called to say that Jackpaw was coming to get him--in the helicopter... and yes, we live less than 5 minutes from them! Anyway, once I told Z that Jackpaw was coming, he got dressed and put his backpack on and wore it for over an hour waiting to hear the chopper overhead. When we finally heard it, he ran out, jumped in and they headed off for their playtime.

(Z had to go KK's house to assist her in decorating her gingerbread house. She has made one for over 15 years, but he seemed to think she wouldn't be able to complete it this year without her.)

A few hours later they called to say they were in route back to our house. I think their total flight time was about 2 minutes. They landed in the backyard and out jumped my baby boy. He loved every minute of it!


Mandy said...

How many 4 year olds(is that how old he is?) get to take a helicopter to their grandparents house? I am jealous of you Zach!

The Garners said...

Fun! I'm laughing about the 2 minute ride! Rhett would love this (of course I'd probably be having a panic attack on the ground though).