December 3, 2007

Take a Hike

Z and I did something on Saturday afternoon that we have wanted to do since we moved into our house. We hiked all the way to Jackpaw and KK's. I couldn't tell you how far it is exactly, but I can say it's through about 4 or 5 pastures. It was fun-it took us about an hour. Z was tired and had fallen in some briers so we called Jackpaw to meet us on the edge of his land. My little guy's legs were worn out!

Here we are before our trek. Z packed his toy gun in my backpack and told me that it was the "most importantest thing in the whole world."

He found these "mini pumpkins" (which my dad later told me were poisonous). We were smart enough not to eat them.

Z said that this was the "world's largest sticker bush"

Apparently another mama and her boy were taking a hike at the same time.

We had to use the branches of this tree to get across a little stream. This was the highlight for Z. He thought he was Diego.

By the way, it was not very cold...Z just thought that hat was necessary for his hike.


becca said...

How fun!! I love the pictures! Go Diego Go!

The Garners said...

This is so cute and brings back such good memories for me because we would "hike" through pastures (or ride 4-wheelers) to my grandparents' house when we were kids. It was probably about the same distance..."4 or 5 pastures"! I can totally relate. It makes me sad to think that this is something R can't do here in town though. :(

Mandy said...

What a hike! Looks like Z had the time of his life!

Chantel said...

What a GREAT post!

Kthed said...

That tree part was the BEST! Ya'll will have to go out to the cabin & help us make new four wheeler trails! Tell Z to bring all his tools!! He'll probably end up doing most of the work!! LOL

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Good to hear from you! Your family is adorable! Love all the pictures you have!