December 31, 2007

That's JACKED up!

For weeks before Christmas, Brandon and I shopped for the perfect gifts for our children. We wanted our kids to be overwhelmed with joy on Christmas morning. Santa didn't just buy the first bicycle and tricycle he came upon. He researched, he shopped the Internet, he debated an over protective mommy, and he drove to faraway places (Longview) to get the perfect ones. Brandon and I (and Santa) felt very confident that we had hit the mark and were anticipating the look of pure joy on our boys' faces that morning.

Our boys WERE very excited and overjoyed at all that Santa had brought. They seemed to love every bit of it. HOWEVER, soon after the Santa festivities were over, my in-laws arrived with their presents for their only grandchildren. Grana had shopped well in advance and gotten some pretty neat stuff. Then PawPaw presented a gift that I am most positive he had shopped for approximately 12-18 hours prior to this moment. I knew I was about to be overshadowed because I had been warned by my mother-in-law that every year he did this when Brandon was younger. After she shopped for weeks for all these great gifts, he would go on Christmas Eve and buy some amazing toy that totally took the cake---you know, a four wheeler or motorcycle.

Z opened the package and was ECSTATIC. It was a hydraulic jack! If you know my child, then you understand and have no questions on why a four year old would need a jack. In case you don't know us personally, let me expain this jack a little further. It is a real-deal-jack-your-car-up kind of tool. PawPaw has one at his house and Z uses it regularly to jack his hummer, four wheeler, or gator up to "work on them". Now, my friends, he has his very own. He took it out of the box and began using it with perfection, all the while, the toys we so proudly presented were sitting there sadly.

Christmas afternoon I naively asked Z what his favorite gift was. He answered, "Definitely my jack!"

Oh really??

I think I'll go to Home Depot next year on Christmas Eve to do my shopping...maybe I can catch a ride with my father-in-law!


Chantel said...

Doesn't it always seems to go that way?

The Garners said...

I can just see Z's sweet face as he opened the ultimate present!

Mandy said...

You know, just take him to Home Depot and have him make out his list from there! I can just see his face when he opened the present!

Kthed said...

He's building my next house! Gosh, he's soo amazing when it comes to all those tools...