December 12, 2007


My stepsister, Brandi, got out of the hospital yesterday!! She's no joke, ya'll! She had no time for lying around in her pity and just got to work on healing herself. My stepdad, Mark, was just bragging to me about her last night...she hasn't complained, whined, or felt sorry for herself for a minute. She has been a model patient and was able to come home less than 3 weeks after her accident.

THANK YOU so much to all who prayed for her recovery. She is still in a wheel chair and has to continue rehab for a while before she will be up and about, so please continue to ask God for great healing in her legs.

What a blessing! Welcome home, Brandi! I know those babies (and hubby) were happy to have their mama spending the night in their house last night!


The Garners said...

This is wonderful news! Wow--she made it home in plenty of time for Christmas...what an amazing blessing for your family!

Mandy said...

Glad that she is out. Brandi is such a strong woman, I know she will be up and about in no time! Tell her she is in my prayers.