July 28, 2008

LR: Day three

Our third day in LR started with a playdate at one of our favorite play places--Church at Rock Creek. Becca and I took our kids to met up with a play group that Z played with many times while we lived there. We all had boys and then we all ended up pregnant around the same time. Everyone of them had girls the second time around...I was the only boy repeat! It was just like old times---except that we all had 2 to watch now!

Olivia got to ride with us and she and Z thought that was so fun!

William--isn't he great??
Ann Katherine--she was annoyed at the photo op.Maylee. She was just a few months old when we left. I just fell in love with her on our visit. Isn't she adorable?
Rhett peeking thru the netting. I believe this was just before his mama had to handle some bullies!
Little Monkey. Check out his bike wreck injuries on his lip and teeth.
Another monkey
Lawson After playing we headed to Buffalo Grill for lunch.

Here is a picture of the boys at lunch.

Somehow I missed getting a picture of any of the Partens. Sorry, Stacy! I loved sitting next to Madelyn at lunch and hearing her sweet songs.

That afternoon we checked out of hotel Svoboda and headed to our next destination--The Garner Home. There we enjoyed a delicious homecooked meal-complete with dessert! The kids enjoyed riding bikes when it cooled down. I am happy to report there were no wrecks, but it did bother Rhett that my kids did not have helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.


Becca said...

Love all the pics. Especially love the one of O and Z!!

The Garners said...

You got such cute pictures of the kids! William does crack me up--I love his expressions!

Becca said...

You got some great pics! Love the one of Z and O. They could pass for siblings. We'll put WP and T together...then again, I don't know who could handle the two of them together!! ha

Mandy said...

Sounding like you guys had a blast!

Ali said...

Okay, you know I love all these pics, especially a certain two! Your wording cracks me up!