August 19, 2008


Brandon and I took Zachary to watch Professional Bullriding over the weekend. Jackpaw gave us tickets that included passes for the VIP section so we were very up close and personal with the action---so close that we were hit with dirt several times and there was one small episode with bull poo. Thankfully the man next to me caught most of the foul smelling substance, but I did get a bit of "it" on me too. Who knew that bulls relieve themselves while simultaneously bucking a rider off?! Not me, or I may have passed on the VIP seating!

Z loved watching the riders and the bullfighters and thought he was especially cool when a few of the bullfighters came over to shake his hand. We didn't make it until the end, but we enjoyed what we did see. Sister and her family were there, too, and she said they stayed until almost 11 and it still wasn't over!

Thanks, Dad, for the hook up! Next time, we'll just take average seats.:)


Becca said...

Oh to see you at the bullriding event....I would love to see it. It is a little different than the Neimans I picture you shopping in!!
I know the boys loved it!

The Garners said...

I bet Z had the time of his life there--we went once at ALLTEL arena and it was fun (it was kinda scary though--I wished for more than a fence separating us!)

Mandy said...

How fun! Didn't know they had "VIP" seating @ a rodeo in MP!!