August 27, 2008

T time

Zachary seems to get more time on my blog just because he is more active at this point. Don't think for one moment that Trent is just quietly watching. He is very talkative and extremely entertaining. Here is a look into what our 2 year old T is like:

He talks in very broken sentences. Here are examples from two from this week:
Emma. House. Swim.
(I want to go to Emma's to swim.)
Man. Tree. Saw. Loud.
(A man sawed down our tree.)

He is very dramatic on certain things. If we say, don't get near the water. He'll say Drown! If we tell him not to put something in his mouth, he'll say Choke!

T also loves to say Trow up! That could be anything from burping, hiccuping or actually throwing up.

He pretends to be many things. His favorite are girl (makes Daddy so proud), bear and puppy. When he is a puppy, he wants you to pet him. When he is a bear, we act scared and he assures us he's nice.

EVERYTHING (food and non food items) is either HOT or COLD. There is no in between.

When you lie him down for nap or bedtime, he will lay still for a moment and then jump up and scream, I wake up! The picture below is what happens when he tries to skip nap. It was taken at dinner time.

He tells me every time he misbehaves by saying, I ugly. He also brags on himself by saying nice and share.

He counts with these three quantities. All gone, two or bunch.

He has started saying Zachary instead of just Zac. Big brother wants to be called the whole thing and not the shortened version so he has been excited that Trent says it.

Anytime he wants to be included he says I too.

He has several words that totally crack us up:
careful, dangerssss (dangerous), medicine, ketchup, Her-chells (Herschel's--our favorite drink spot), yuck, and nasty. He uses the last two at inappropriate times like when he smelled Aunt Jane's candle and then yelled NASTY!

He is very proud of his big boy underwear and will show them to anyone who is interested--even if he's standing in the middle of a restaurant.

He brings us so much joy and we just love that stinker to pieces!


Leslie said...

SO CUTE! I love the pictue of him sleeping at dinner. You are so smart for writing down the cute things he says. I never thought I'd forget a moment of the girls' lives...oh, how I was wrong!

The Garners said...

I loved reading what T's up to these days. He's saying such cute things.

KK said...

He is so very precious, both asleep and awake. Love how he puts stories together, word by word! We just have to continue to be VERY patient until he gets it all out:)

Mandy said...

He is so cute! His "T-isms" are just as cute as Z's! Love the picture of him sleeping at the table! Can't believe he is getting so big!

Fun With Five said...

You have two of the cutest boys I have ever seen-(a close second and third to the two I birthed!) :)
Trent is pretty enough to be a girl...don't tell your hubby I said that! :)