August 25, 2008

Male bonding

**If you are anti-guns, anti-violence, or anti-raising your kids to be redneck, this would be a good time to excuse yourself from this blog!:)

Saturday was a big day for Zachary. He has waited on this day for awhile. He got to shoot a "real gun." In fact, he got to shoot several "real guns!" Brandon and I took him out to my dad's shooting range and he loved every minute of it. He was pretty good--I was impressed. He used the guns that Brandon and my brother had used as little guys which I thought was cool.

Trent went along too, but kept saying "loud!" despite his earplugs. He eventually said "house!" and was rescued inside by KK for a drink and snack.

Getting a little instuction from Daddy and Jackpaw

Look at that serious face

Did you notice the chosen attire for his shooting debut?! He is getting pumped up and ready for deer season.

LOVE this picture!

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Look who else got in on the action. I must brag that I hit my target all but one time! And, no, Dad, I wasn't 2 feet from the target!

I am sure there will be many more Saturdays spent at the shooting range. I heard my dad and Brandon discussing when the boys would be old enough to learn to shoot skeet! Oh my!


L&W said...

Can't believe you can shoot a gun! The noise terrifies me, but it looks like your boys had fun!

The Milams said...

I cannot tell a lie...those guns did set me back a bit and I was wearing earplugs--which Brandon said were for wimps! After I shot the small handgun, I was rattled so bad that I retired for the day!


Lauren said...

Oh my... This it TOO cute! My husband is counting down the days until he can take the "little man" and teach him how to shoot! For now the cap guns are "cutting" it! ;)

Found your blog from Kelly's... Darling family you have!

kinsey said...

i loved the disclaimer at the beginning. hilarious. and zachary was TOO cute in those pics.

The Garners said...

Love the disclaimer at the top of this post! I'm not against guns at all, but I have to admit that they scare me to death (big shocker, I know...I've improved A LOT with my fear of the kids being around water this summer though, so there's hope)! My panic-attack aside, I loved these pictures of the guys. And what a perfect t-shirt for the occasion. I'll bet it won't be long until T is ready to take a turn!

raegann:] said...

aww that one picture is so cute!
guns scare me to death, even fake ones!

Becca said...

Priceless pictures!! Paul is going to be so proud. Tell Z that Paul will be coming to shoot guns with him soon and he would love to teach him to shoot a bow & arrow,too! Once a country boy, always a country boy!

Mandy said...

Looks like Z had a great day shooting with his Jackpaw and Daddy! Bet he hasn't stopped talking about it. By the your attire for shooting! :)

Heather said...

This will be Brooks in a few years. I love the pic of Z being real serious & listening!!

southernpreppy said...

my little boy has the same shirt as zachary. too cute.