October 30, 2009

Halloween Luncheon

Brain Gym's annual Halloween luncheon was on Thursday. This was Trent's first year to be a server at it. [It was a little strange to not have Zachary there.] Trent did a great job and looked absolutely adorable while doing it!

He took a cookie break while serving Grandmother. He had 8 customers in all (family and a friend) and was an excellent waiter. He lost interest as his last customers came in, so they didn't get the wonderful service that his first ones did. BUT, he did have a great time and loved having all the company in his school.

Moving Thru My Thirties

I turned 32 over weekend....didn't I JUST turn 30?? I had an awesome birthday--I really think it was the best one that I can remember. Nicole and Corey joined Brandon and I for a weekend in Dallas. We stayed at the Westin in the Galleria and shopped and ate--can't complain much about that. On Sunday, Brandon and I went to our first game at the new Cowboys stadium. It did not disappoint and the Cowboys won! Fun weekend with great friends!

This is the only picture I have of us with friends from the weekend. We took another in front of our hotel, but Corey said I smiled WAY to big so I guess I deleted it.

This is the only picture I took at the football game. I really rocked it with the photography!

Before I left for my weekend of fun, I had lunch with some of my best buddies on Friday. They treated me to mexican food and then Nancy treated me to a pedicure and eyebrow wax. Should I be offended that she offered to pay for me to have my brows shaped?!

I can't believe it, but we didn't get a single picture of us at lunch!

Kaye treated me to lunch and presents on Thursday where she shocked me with this gift:

It's my blog in book form! I seriously was ecstatic!!! This blog has been my kids' scrapbook for the past 3 years. I never print pictures, I've quit journaling except for very personal things, and their baby books went to the wayside a while back. This book is the perfect gift and I was/am THRILLED about it!!!

I also got lots of other great gifts from other family members and friends. Brandon surprised me last week before my tennis match with a new racquet and bag. I mean, I racked up!! Great, great birthday...seriously the best ever!

Thanks to everyone who helped make it special. I am blessed.


Zachary had a wonderful 6th birthday. Much to his dismay, it fell on a weekday so he had to go to school. I did take him lunch and we had cookies with his class during afternoon snack time. Then for dinner we had a family party that he enjoyed very much. I just cannot believe he is SIX!
Early morning birthday presents. He got all kinds of hunting paraphernalia...but the new Ipod was the biggest hit!His name on the sign out in front of his school Cookies at school for his big day
The package was delivered to him at school, but he made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone who it was from!!:) [a girl!!]
LOTS of family came to El Chico for a birthday dinner
Surprised and thrilled by a new Nintendo DS
All the cousins checking out the new game
Singing HB
He acts so embarrassed but when the wait staff came around the corner with the hat, he jumped up and down raising his hand!

Special birthday for a very special boy!

October 28, 2009

Pets and Pumpkins

Brandon brought us home three new pets on Monday. Rabbits. Thank you, Dear. So far the boys (and Emma) have loved them.

Zachary and Bambi

Trent and Hot Shot

This is Thumper- Emma's bunny who shacks up with the boys' rabbits
They all look just alike so we put their initial inside their ear with a sharpie so we could tell the difference between them. I'm pretty sure that's what professional bunny breeders do, right?! AND...we have no idea on the gender of them so if you are interested in Easter bunnies, I will be taking orders shortly...I feel certain.
We also carved our pumpkins this week. Brandon and Zachary were serious about theirs.
Yes, that is a Bowie knife...we don't mess around
Finished product
Trent was my partner.
He like stabbing his with the knife...a million times.He just wanted his name carved..no face. He thinks his name is T. Anytime he sees one, he'll say "There's my name." That made my job much easier!
Love this time of year!

October 27, 2009


Zachary has a tendency to point out the things that Trent cannot do or is not big enough to be a part of. I try to encourage him to build his little brother up and focus on the things he can do and things he is really good at. When they were coloring one day and Trent was scribbling all over his page it was irritating Zachary. He finally said, "If there was a coloring contest for babies, Trent, I bet you would win it."

Another day they received a package in the mail from their great Aunt Martha. Inside along with lots of goodies were two fake stones with crosses on them. Trent said, "Momma, is this the rock that Jesus died on?" Zachary answered, "He really is a smart kid."

Trent to Brandon: "Daddy, you need some skinny jeans."

Trent spent the night with my mom last weekend. He said, "I slept with my eyes closed like this." (squinted his eyes real tight)

Brandon: I love you, Trent.
Trent: I love you too. A LOT of people love ME!

Zachary was telling us about an author who came to his school to talk. He said, "His in-law brother was at his house and he was raised in a barn and didn't know you were suppose to shut doors...."

October 26, 2009

Game on!

We celebrated Zachary's 6th birthday on Friday night with a bowling and laser tag party. He invited 3 sweet friends and they had such a great time. We had cake and opened presents at home before heading out for games. Favors with cute bag tags by KK

Zachary didn't want baby brother to tag along so he stayed with Grandmother. (Thanks Mom!) He saw the cake before he left and I felt so sorry for him that I cut him a tiny piece out of the back. We sang and he chowed down...so he didn't miss all the action.
Singing Happy Birthday
He blew them all out with ease...I forgot to remind him to make a wish
Zachary gave Zack Tyler the biggest hug after opening his gift.
Doesn't he remind you of an old man smoking a cigar with his arms crossed?!
Love that 6 year old boys come in all sizes
Little Zack and my Zac ready for some laser tag
Preparing for battleGame facesBrandon on the move
I think it was everyone against BrandonHaving a ball
Then we were off to bowl a game

A few video games
They are so protective of Little Zack. I just love how they watch out for him and even carry him around if needed.
I love the pure joy on Zachary's face
And then more laser tag
Zachary had a great time and the little guys that joined us were such neat kids. We delivered them to their parents and came home to pass out! Wore us out!!!
Happy 6th Birthday Zachary!!