November 29, 2007

Keeping us in stitches

More funnies from the week:
About T disobeying: "What was he thinking?"
While grabbing the fat on my arm: "I like all your meat, Mama."
As I was headed to the restroom: "Run before you have an accident."
"Why does T not like to share your lap? It was mine first."
About Daddy's birthday: "Daddy is having a car salesman birthday party."

Conversation between my sister and Z:
My sister called to tell me that she left my garage door open because BO was in there. I explained to her that she should have just told him to get up and move.

When she hung up with me, Z said: "I would have told you to just tell him to move and we could have put the door down."
Sister asked, "Well, why didn't you tell me?"
His answer: "Acause you just turned around and walked off!"

Two words for you: Miniature MAN


Mandy said...

You have got to save these! One day we will put them in a book and I will publish it!