November 29, 2007

A Marketing Firm's Dream

My little Z is really buying into all the "ammericials" these days. These are two quotes from the past few days:

About a cleaning item advertised:
"Daddy, we really need that. It makes it get white and all sparkly shiny."
When I asked him about the cleaner:
"It's the only one you'll ever need."

About some phonics game:
"Daddy, I need that. It would really help me with my reading."


The Garners said...

This is funny! Lane and I have laughed the last few nights because R has really started noticing the commercials on The Goodnight Show (on Sprout). He told me that we needed a new Swiffer and he was also totally "sold" on an OxyClean product last night. Oh, and he loved the one about the mini-pancake poppers in all flavors...he was naming all the flavors we could make if we had that particular piece of kitchen equipment! So funny--they learn early!

Mandy said...

This boy doesn't miss a thing!