November 15, 2007

More baby talk

I probably could do a post a day on this. Maybe I will make a list of all the funny things that are said around here and do a post a week. I know once T starts really talking, I will have much to report.

To Luke:
"I know you are our dog and I know we got you, but you are bugging me."

About our older and younger (7 year old) dogs:
"Bo is old, but Luke is brand new."

My mom was asking him about his friends at school:
"I only play with fours. I don't play with L anymore acause he is only three."

She asked if he had any friends that he played with that were girls:
"Just today. I got her for my friend today."

He got new brown church shoes and said:
"I wanted black car salesman shoes."

When T got a hold of an old electric razor that Z "shaves" with:
"Please hide this acause I don't want any little kids playing with it."

What did he report that he was thankful for at the Thanksgiving feast at his school??
"my blower, my weed eater, my house, my daddy and my mommy."

Please notice the order that they appear!

I asked him if he forgot about T and he said he would add that later.

You know he can only put so many things on his list...and with so many powertools...a guy runs out of room.

I am just grateful that I was included!


Anonymous said...

haha, he just cracks me up!!

Anonymous said...

haha, he just cracks me up!!

Anonymous said...

oops sorry it posted to fast, i meant to put from raegan!

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The Garners said...

I guess we will have to wait until R turns 4 to visit you in TX!

garrett said...

that is so funny!!