November 14, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

Z says things everyday that crack us up. Here are a few from the past week.

After noticing several bumble bees near our trash can outside
"We have a serious bee issue!"

Showing me how a toy works:
"This is the situation..."

Before going on a walk with me:
"My legs don't feel like exercising today, they feel like going to a friend's house to play."

I asked Z what T was carrying around in the yard:
"I don't know, but he definitely dug it up somewhere."

When I picked him up at school:
"How did T do without me?"

Naming his favorite toy at school:
"A board."

When I inquired about that choice:
"They are really cool because you can screw in them, drill in them, and saw them."

Christmas shopping ought to be super easy this year!


Chantel said...

Good remembering! I wish that I could remember every funny thing this 2 year old says...I should keep a journal!

jlg said...

These are all great. R said something today about going to get his "flea shot" at the doctor's office, which made me laugh. :)

mandy said...

If you started to video him, you could send it in to America's Funniest Videos and win some $$$! That is one funny kid!