November 2, 2007


Yesterday Sister and I (and most of our brood) went to the MP airport to welcome my dad's parents. We haven't seen them in WAY too many years and they have never even seen either of my kids. It was great to see them, and I was surprised at how little they had changed over the years. The kids thought it was exciting to see the plane land and watch them get out right infront of us. Grandmother's vision has gone and she was understandably overwhelmed and confused yesterday. Z was so sweet to just stand next to her and hold her hand.

The highlight of the reunion for me was when my 97 year old granddad patted my belly and asked if I was "expecting another one". Good times!


Anonymous said...

OMG MK! Mr. and Mrs. MacKay look almost the same! Though I am trying to remember the last time I saw them! Z looks so cute holding Mrs. MacKay's have raised him right. Isn't it just like Mr. MacKay to say something just like that? Bet everyone thought it was funny!


jlg said...

This is so sweet of Z holding her hand--it made me cry.