November 5, 2007


A friend of Z's gave him a box of dress-up clothes for his birthday. What an awesome idea! He has dressed and redressed himself a hundred times a day since he opened that present. Tonight he and his little brother were Batman and Robin. I don't know when I have seen something cuter!


bs said...

Get outta here!! I love it! They are the cutest duo I know. Glad he loves it...keep posting pics...I want to see them all!

jlg said...

CUTE guys! I'm for sure stealing the "box of dress-up clothes" for a birthday gift in the future--great idea!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love the added music to your blog! I have to say, I am finding myself going to The Milam family blog everyday to see what the family is up to! You are getting good at it...maybe someday you can write a book and I will edit/publish it!!