November 16, 2007

Too good not to share

I know I said I would save all our "baby talk" for a weekly post, but this is too funny to wait on. We passed a funeral procession while running errands today. For those of you who aren't Texans, we all pull over until all the cars pass. Z is very observant and had a thousand questions regarding the happenings around us. Once I semi-explained what the cars were for he asked, "Did God already take that man's stirut (spirit) to heaven?" I told him that as soon as we die God takes our "insides" and that your family can bury your body. He said, "Then why is he driving???"

Apparently I missed an important part of my explanation!

In our discussions he also said:
"I don't want a new body in heaben. I like mine and my legs will never get old and not work."
"I will see my crabs in heaben. I miss them. What was their names?"

And my absolute favorite:
"I can't wait to see what heaben's like. It will be so great!"

AMEN, baby! At least he understands somethings that I say!


The Garners said...

I am laughing so hard right now--these are all hilarious!

Mandy said...