November 29, 2007

Mother of the Year

When I was dropping T off at Mother's Day Out this morning I noticed a little girl in a velvet dress getting out of her car. I thought, "Man, they really deck out for MDO." When I walked in the building I saw a little boy with a vest and dress pants this point, I was beginning to wonder, but still in denial of my incompetence, thought that maybe it was just a special event for the older kids. THEN, I saw the sign reminding the parents that today was Christmas portrait day. Please check out what my child was wearing:

While I can clearly see that he is just about the cutest thing EVER, I can also see that he is wearing a PINK shirt. The same shirt that Z called a "girl shirt" before we left the house. BUT, because I love the shirt and T can't refuse to wear it yet, he wore it! Not exactly what I would have picked for his first ever school pictures.

We kindly declined the photo shoot.

Clearly, I have it all together.


The Garners said...

You're right--he's so cute he'd look adorable wearing a paper sack! Maybe Jim got some good shots last week. :)

Mandy said...

He is so cute, even if he is wearing a 'girl' shirt! Reminds me of my kindergarten picture...a mullet and pink star wars iron on shirt (thank you mother!). I think we all have one of these pictures!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! He still looks adorable! Isn't it great when they are too little to refuse wearing the stuff you love?! Micaela