March 2, 2009

Daddy's Stats

Daddy--according to this little King of the Road Rash and his little brother...

1. What is something Dad always says to you?
Z: Hold on just a second
T: Spanking if you're not nice

2. What makes Dad happy?
Z: When I do stuff for him

3. What makes Dad sad?
Z: When I don't do stuff for him

4. How does your Dad make you laugh?
Z: By watching funny shows like Tom & Jerry. When they do funny stuff me and my daddy go HA HA HA

5. What was your Dad like as a child?
Z: He played baseball

6. How old is your Dad? (31)
Z: 31
T: 2

7. How tall is your Dad?
Z: Wow, that is hard! It's too hard!

8. What is her favorite thing to do?
Z: Help Mama with stuff (What?????)
T: twinkle (tinker) toys

9. What does your Dad do when you're not around?
Z: He never really does anything without me

10. If your Dad becomes famous, what will it be for?
Z: spinning a ball on his finger

11. What is your Dad really good at?
Z: baseball

12. What is your Dad not very good at?
Z: (lots of thought) Kind of not good at moving couches downstairs

13. What does your Dad do for a job?
Z: sells cars
T: at Gilmer

14.What is your Dad's favorite food?
Z: bowtie noodles
T: sausage

15.What makes you proud of your Dad?
Z: when I go get something that he asks me to. (I think he has this question reversed.)
T: of my brother (???)

16. If your Dad were a cartoon character, who would he be?
Z: Probably Gastroid (?) because sometimes he be's mean. Or that guy with the long thing because he's helpful

17. What do you and your Dad do together?
Z: build stuff
T: wrestle

18. How are you and your Dad the same?
Z: our bottoms
T: I'm big and stong like my daddy

19. How are you and your Dad different?
Z: I have blonde hair and my daddy has black hair

20. How do you know your Dad loves you?
Z: He kisses me

21. What does your Dad like most about your mom?
Z: When she really doesn't want to do it, but she says 'Ok, I'll do it'
(I think he was talking about just things in general, but I have laughed at this answer for true it is!!!)

22. Where is your Dad's favorite place to go?
Z: baseball games


Mandy said...

Those boys crack me up!

KK said...

What a picture!:( Hope he wasn't too sore today!
Loved what both the boys said about their dad:)

The Garners said...

Oh my goodness--these are all hilarious--I can't pick a favorite! I laughed all the way through the post!

BabyGraham said...

I love this! When Jack is older I am copying!