March 30, 2009

Spelling Bee

Brandon's dealership registered a team in the corporate spelling bee in Gilmer. He then suggested myself and his cousin Karen to be on the team. I am a decent speller, but Karen is like a walking Webster's. She literally can spell anything! The third member of our team was a person we had never seen until the moment before we walked out on stage and he was wearing his shirt backwards. (Thank you, Brandon and company.)

Anyway, we couldn't believe what we had gotten ourselves into. For the small community of Gilmer, they put on quite a spelling bee. There were hundreds of people there!! It was the 16th annual bee and the whole town comes out for it. (This was all information withheld from us until we pulled into the parking lot.) We ended up having a blast and did well. But, before I tell you what place we got, I must tell you the circumstances...

The Yam Queen team took an instant dislike to us for unknown reasons. Pretty much every difficult word they got, they paid $50 to pass to us. We, and by we, I mean Karen, spelled them beautifully. The last word they passed to us was ubiquitous. I think it's a dumb word that no one has ever heard, but our Karen wrote it down without much thought. It was our 3rd team members time to spell so he went up and recited what Karen had told him. They told us the word was wrong and we were eliminated. We exited the stage and were about to leave the civic center when Karen tells us that she looked up the word and we spelled it correctly.

We were all about a protest because these mamas aren't afraid of a little drama! They let us back into the competition and there were only 2 teams left. We got the word mnemonic. We had it written down perfectly and I marched up there and fubbed it! Dang! We were out and got 3rd place. [For the record the ex Yam Queens didn't place!!! Guess they ran out of buy outs!]

Now we know how they roll in Gilmer and we'll be ready for them next year! We, and again I mean Karen, are going all the way!!!

2/3rds of the Mike Craig Ford team...still searching for our 3rd member

Is it just me or do I look like a 2nd grader up there with an adult microphone??


Anonymous said...

hee hee... you do look like a little kiddo with that tall mic!!!

So proud of y'all for making it that far in your first spelling bee!!!


Kandi West said...

This is just the best, MK! I wish I was there b/c spelling is one of my only talents. I could totally help you beat the pants off that team. Now, win a race? Not so much.

kinsey said...

it makes me laugh pretty hard that you were in a spelling bee! in gilmer, no less. love it. and way to go for placing ;-)