March 19, 2009

San Antonio: Day one

We kicked off our week of spring break with a trip to San Antonio. The four of us had a great time. We stopped in Waco to see the Baylor Bear and start a little brainwashing. Apparently the bear doesn't enjoy 40 degree rainy weather. He was hiding in his little cave. Anyway, we at least got to show the boys a little of campus.

Posing with ZACK the bear's claw print

Early morning on the Riverwalk

We loved the pigeons...

My favorite boys

REAL cowboy at Buckhorn Saloon

Buckhorn Saloon

Hook 'em...for all our Texas friends. (Jillian!)
Go pigs, or whatever....Jamie, Becca, Kelly and others....we included ya'll too
Aunt Becky...this is for you!
Coonskin hats were a huge hit!!!
Brandon paid for me to take the romance challenge
I was fascinated with these mirrors. This is what my legs will look like when I get to heaven.But until then, this is more like it!:)

Remember the Alamo!
Excited about going in...
Still not sure why the teepees were outside
Miniature Davy Crockett
Lunch at Rainforest Cafe

Acting like the apes
Boys will be boys!
Volcano cake
That afternoon we headed to this drive thru safari
Water buffalo trying to fit his head inside my car!Up close and personal with a longhorn
Not really sure what any of the other animals were...we didn't buy the animal guide...big mistake. We pretty much told the kids that every animal we were unsure of was "kind of like a deer." They were happy enough with that explanation.

This ostrich (or emu???) was very much my friend.
Brandon thought it would be hilarious to put his food sack in my seat between my legs. Didn't bother the animal one bit.

Trent's favorite were the baby goats.

Day one was a great day. We finished it off with room service for dinner---which Zachary loved. He requested it every night. Mom and Dad were not so impressed with the $12 hot dog!


The Garners said...

This looks like such a GREAT family trip!! I loved all the pictures. I laughed about the magic mirror. The picture of B & Z "Boys will be Boys" is so cute--they're all great. Glad y'all had fun. Miss you all so much.

Aunt Becky said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful week. Thanks so much for the picture of the moose. I actually haven't seen on in a while. Wish I could have been there for the b'day. It sure looked like fun.

Mandy said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I miss Texas!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun :-) Love the legs in heaven comment!!!


KK said...

What a great Spring Break for all of you! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures. I actually thought one of the pictures was of my Mom:)
Love, KK