March 9, 2009


We are headed off for a fun weekend. Lots of pictures to come.

Those are the final words of my last post, also known as "The words of doom."

We did, in fact, head off for a fun weekend. The lots of pictures? Not coming. I stole a few off my sister's blog, but that's all you'll get because my beloved camera decided to spend the weekend at home!

My mom and I planned to load the boys up on Friday to head to Norman, OK to see my brother and his family. It was his daughter's birthday and the softball team that he coaches was playing in a tournament over the weekend. We were anticipating the weekend because we haven't been to visit since they moved there last year. Pitiful, I know. Anyway, we got all loaded up and Zachary remembered he had forgotten something inside. He attempted to get out and fell completely out of the car and landed on the top of his head on the driveway. Little did we know...the tone was set for the whole weekend.

A little ways down the road I discovered the forgotten camera. I had to make a decision to make the best of the trip, despite the head injury and no camera. Not even the speeding ticket one hour into the trip was going to get me down! [I think I will be writing a letter to the city of Greenville, Texas. Apparently it is their 'policy' to write tickets to drivers who exceed the speed limit by 21 mph. Such a strict policy!!!] We eventually made it to their home---several U turns and detours later----but we made it!

We were thrilled to see Holly and the kids and their adorable new house. The cousins had a great time playing and played well together for the duration of our visit. Friday night we were able to go watch Tripp's team, the OU softball girls, play Tennessee. Even though they didn't win, it was so fun to be at a game in their home stadium. The Sooner fans are awesome! Tripp showed us around the facilities which were very neat and the kids got to play on the field. Then we were off to their house to get the kids to bed. We were successful in doing so after midnight!

Saturday promised to be a full and fun day! We had a small hiccup in things when Zachary fell off of the see saw and busted his mouth on the trampoline early that morning. His teeth were pushed back and he was in a lot of pain. An emergency call to Dr. Kenny assured us that we would be fine (yes, I do have him on speed dial at this point!). His lip, gum and nose got progressively bigger as the day wore on, but he was such a trooper! The whole family headed to Incredible Pizza for Ali's 5th birthday party at this point.

Incredible Pizza advertises mini bowling, arcade games, bumper cars, pinatas, race cars, Build a Bear station, miniature golf, more food than any one person should ever eat, and they deliver on it all! The kids had an absolute blast. Zachary commented, "Now I know why they call this place Incredible Pizza...because the games are INCREDIBLE." Ali enjoyed her birthday party and had tons of guests.
Ali Grace blowing out her 5 candles

One thing Incredible Pizza doesn't warn you about is the Incredible stomach bug that they also deliver on! Trent snatched it up and was SO sick through the night. Thankfully, my mom was there to help me with him AND no one else chose to partake of the germs--as far as we know.

But, before the virus took affect, we were able to watch one more of Tripp's games. They lost this one after extra innings and the team meeting after the game looked pretty ugly. I asked Tripp when he got home what they were saying to the girls and he said he couldn't tell me because I would put in on my blog. He knows me well.

Sunday morning after very little sleep, we woke up and packed up to head home. Zachary's mouth was SO swollen and sore, but it didn't stop him from getting Tripp to give him a quick t-ball lesson in the backyard. Trent woke up feeling great---Thank you, Jesus! We had a very uneventful trip home. Thank you again, Jesus.

Despite all of this, we had a really fun time. That should tell you something about my family...we can laugh through it all! I am so glad that we went and both of my boys are still talking about all their adventures in Oklahoma.

Tripp and Holly, thanks for inviting us and feeding us so well! :) Love your house and especially love you and your kiddos!


The McKaughan's said...

One good thing about a house full of boys..."never a dull moment"!!! So glad nothing required stiches...

Mandy said...

What a weekend! And your boys are definitely troopers!!

The Garners said...

What a weekend! Glad y'all had fun anyway! That's how my family is--the crazier things get, the more we seem to laugh and the more memorable it seems to be!

Anonymous said...

WOW... that was one wild weekend... I happy to know you all survived with smiles on your faces :-)


KK said...

So glad you and your bunch were finally able to go, to see their new home, to experience the college softball experience (OU style), get some t-ball tips and enjoy a great birthday party at a great venue!
Sorry about the mishaps:( But thankful Zachary is alright, that Trent is now well, and it wasn't that big of a deal that your camera was left at home.
As bad as I hated missing it all, if I had been there I feel as though the 'illness' would have somehow-someway been my fault! :)
Great pictures of THE cutest kids in the whole wide world!
Love, KK

Stephanie Kerley said...

oh glad you can laugh through all that!! Sorry about all the trouble but I know despite it ya'll were happy to spend time together!!