March 23, 2009

San Antonio: Day two and three

**I know the suspense has been killing you for the rest of my S.A. pictures, but we've been spring breakin' and didn't have time for blogging!

The second day of our trip we walked around on the Riverwalk, visited a few tourist traps and took a ride on a river boat. We were waiting for the sun to come out (or for the rain to stop) before heading to SEAWORLD. In the early afternoon our prayers were answered and beautiful weather appeared.

This morning was also the morning that my camera's battery died. After the OKC camera episode, this almost pushed me over the edge! Soooo, while day one had a million, great quality pictures, day two and three will have only a few disposable-camera-quality-pics! Poo!!!

Brandon and Zachary entering the Tomb Raider in 3D. This was one of Zachary's favorite parts of the entire trip and he rode it three times.

Trent and I did a lot of sitting outside waiting. He didn't mind a bit. He didn't feel well for most of our trip and was content just chilling in his stroller.

Zachary posing as the heaviest man inside the Guinness Record's MuseumEnjoying a riverboat ride
After some great Mexican food on the river, we headed to Sea World (Zachary is standing next to the sign at the bottom.)
Thank you to Brandon for letting us get set in this picture...he didn't understand the importance of my 24 exposures on my 'new' cameraWe loved all the shows at Sea World. This one was with sea lions. The boys thought they were hilarious.This show was super cool. It included divers, synchronized swimmers, acrobats, dolphins, and whales. We also climbed through an enormous jungle gym. I loved this picture of Trent taking a break.We also rode a few rides, ate our weight in junk food, checked out the sharks, and watched Shamu perform. Loved all of it, but the highlight of the day was definitely this:All of us fed and touched the dolphins (except Trent who said they were sharks that would bite!). We loved it!!!! We were so in awe of the dolphins that it didn't even bother us that we were handling raw, stinky fish! We closed Sea World down that night and can't wait to go back sometime!

Our last morning in San Antonio we took the boys to the Alamo. The lines had been so long over the weekend that we decided to wait until Monday morning to attempt to go in. (Brandon and I knew that Zachary would be disappointed once inside since there is no real battle going on like he imagined, but we couldn't leave S.A. without letting him see for himself.) This is the only picture from inside the Alamo that I have...And it's pretty much the only thing that Z was interested in...the canon.

We watched a few parades go by on the river from our room during our stay.

After a fun meal at Joe's Crab Shack we checked out to head home. No pictures of my cuties chowing down on crab legs because of the aforementioned 24 exposures!

We had a great time and I'm so glad we took the boys. What a fun place to visit!


Mandy said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun filled few days! So glad the sun came out for you to head to Sea World...I love that place and the show with the sea lions is my favorite too!

KK said...

How fun! Loved the pictures of all of you feeding the dolphins. Bummer Trent wouldn't help:(