October 30, 2007

Fantastic FOUR!

proud blower moment before church
learning how to hold up FOUR fingers
enjoying his birthday serenade
the little guy was just happy to have his own bowl of green sauce

Z turned FOUR on Sunday. It was a fun day starting with getting to open one present before church. He got a real blower. Those of you who know my child know that I am not kidding when I say "real". I am not talking about a toy, people! This is a real, functional blower. The child could not have been prouder. He told his daddy thanks about a million times on the way to church. (Forget all the toys I shopped for!)

Z took donuts to share with his class for his big day. After church we went to El Chico for birthday lunch. They surprised him and sang their version of "Happy Brithday". He is still talking about how it was different than the song he knows! He spent the afternoon "blowing" everything in sight.

We went to The Milams for a birthday hamburger cookout. Several cousins joined and it was great night! I will have pictures from the evening fun later.

We are almost partied out and we still have the big shindig coming up next weekend!


jlg said...

this might be my favorite photo ever--Z in the sombrero! how fun! happy b-day to him. can't wait to see the cowboy party pics.