October 2, 2007

Fair Day

This is the only picture I got of T b/c I was either holding him or he was crying the rest of his time there.

Z actually rode this with Raegan. Brandon and I were scared to death he was going to fall out because we noticed after he got on that there was a sign that said, "This ride has no seatbelts!" Seriously?!
Enjoying a bite of funnel cake.

Saturday afternoon Brandon and I took the boys to the Titus County Fair. We waited until the thermometer hit 105 before we ventured out. You wouldn't believe how hot it was!! T lasted less than thirty minutes---we called Grana to come and rescue him. (I am learning how cool it will soon be to grandparents who can do this with just a phone call!)

The heat didn't bother Z a bit. He loved the rides, the funnel cake, the games (at $5 a pop), the snow cone, the cotton candy, the prizes and the performer who juggled and rode a unicycle. He also got to see his buddy, Landon's, pig that he had raised and was selling. Z was a little upset that Landon was selling "Miss Money", but he was super excited that he got to touch her and walk in her pen.

Z's day was perfect. Mommy and Daddy were hot, tired and BROKE after all the fun at the fair! B commented at one time that it smelled like hot, sweaty people. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it was his bride he was smelling! :)


jg said...

No seatbelts!?!?!?!? That scares me to death!