October 8, 2007

4 out of 5 Ain't Bad

We made it to Texas somewhat in tact. It was a VERY long weekend, but we are surprisingly feeling pretty settled in our house already. My mom is off work this week so it helped a lot that she was here all day to help and babysit while I ran errands. Z starts school in the morning and is understandably nervous. Please say a prayer for him to have courage, confidence and a great day during his first day of TLC (Tennison Learning Center.)

The four of us are extremely happy to be together--at last! The only casualty of the move is Max the fish. He was in great need of a water change today so I cleaned his bowl and freshened him up. He, apparently, was in no mood for new water and took a turn for the worse...and when I say turn for the worse, I mean he turned over belly-up and was floating in his bowl. God rest his soul, I do believe he is residing in fish heaven. I just hope they use Arkansas water behind those pearly gates.

(I wanted to share pics with you of Max's last moments with us, but Daddy felt it necessary to destroy the evidence before one little blonde haired boy notice the tragedy sitting on our kitchen bar. We will cross that bridge at a later date...hopefully not in the morning before his big "first day!")

It's good to be home!


jlg said...

I feel bad that I didn't even know you had a fish!?! Where was his bowl at your house--I'd never noticed him before when I was there. I cried when our fish died not long ago--he was sick for weeks and I was sad for him. I thought R would ask about him, but he never really did...he's mentioned him once or twice, but nothing that required a big explanation like I expected.