October 16, 2007

Big Boy

T has now decided that he is just as big as Z and should get to do everything that his big brother does. He wants to be on the four wheeler every time it is moving, jump on the trampoline with brother, wrestle with the big boys, and join Z in any other activities he engages in. I love to watch him once he gets his way in joining the big kids. He is so proud of himself and makes the greatest little "I'm a big boy" face.

Sunday he realized how much fun it was to ride the mower with his daddy. So not only did Brandon recently acquire over 2 acres to mow, he now is forced to do it with 2 passengers. It made for an interesting work day.

This morning I took the picture of T sitting next to his idol drinking their yogurt while watching morning cartoons. T doesn't care anything about the cartoons, but he thought he was so big getting to sit in the floor to have his quickie breakfast.

They are so much fun and getting to be such great playmates.


jlg said...

these pictures made me cry. they will be best friends forever. :)
P.S. are those R's Robeez pictured here?! :)