October 17, 2007

Itty Bitty Bug

Well, the inevitable hit us last night. Z started complaining about his tummy hurting soon after dinner. Soon after, he threw up. I got all prepared with crackers, gatorade, popsicles etc. I went to bed knowing it would be a long night. To my surprise, he slept thru the night and woke up in quite a jolly mood this morning. But, of course, no school!

I have come up with three scenarios on why my child threw up only one time with this otherwise vicious and very contagious bug. A) Z got only a very small touch of "the bug" B) I prayed it away. After the complaining about the stomach began, I started constant prayer asking to be spared from this awful ailment or the option that seems most likely C) Z got an upset stomach from eating so much junk and then played along with the virus theory so that he could miss more days of school. He did tell me that he thought he would be sick for a few days and would have to miss the whole week. AND, he told me that he would rather have the "stomach birus" than have to go to school. I am no doctor, but I think the diagnosis is pretty clear.

All I have to say is, TLC you better be ready for this youngster tomorrow--he's coming even if he has to carry his "barf bowl" with him!


jlg said...

Ugh. Having just had a horrible case of "the bug" last weekend, I'm glad his was itty bitty, and I pray no one else in your house gets it. It was no fun at all. I cleaned all day Monday to try to eliminate every germ!