October 2, 2007

Hill Country Barbecue

Ryan, Clay and Brandon
There are SOOO many stories about these three!

Jesse showing us how great the ribs were

Cute centerpieces

Brandon really was having fun...he was a little tired of the camera though

On second thought maybe I was hurting his leg :)

Clay and Celeste's rehearsal dinner was a barbecue at the Salt Lick Barbecue Pavillion in Austin. It was the neatest setting complete with a creek flowing by. The food was delicious, the drinks cold, the decorations very "Texas", the music great---a good time was had by all. :) I even wore my boots! Sorry that I didn't get a picture of that for ya'll! It was a great kickoff for a weekend of fun!


jlg said...

I'm very disappointed not to see a picture of your cowboy boots. :) I laughed at the picture of B having such a good time.

Kthed said...

I second that... I wanna see you in some boots! :)