October 19, 2007

Law of the Land

There are MANY things that I am having to get reacquainted with since moving home. One of them is that people take many things "into their own hands"--including the law!

On Wednesday I went to pick up my dogs at my in-laws. We bought a large kennel for our backyard, but had planned on letting them just hang out in the backyard most of the time. (We live outside of city limits so there is no leash law. And, trust me, there are several dogs "hanging out" around our little subdivision.) I watched them very closely for the first little while when we got home because I wasn't sure how they would act at a new house. They seemed to be adjusting very well and staying in our yard so I thought it was okay to take my eyes off them for a few minutes. This is when the story takes a nasty turn! I will spare you all the details of my wild tale, but I will say that I walked out on my patio just a few moments later and saw my neighbor standing three feet from my old dog, Bo, with a GUN pointed at his head! OH MY! I did what any sane minded person would do and started screaming and flapping my arms hysterically. He did spare Bo's life, we were able to work out our little problem and I was assured that my dogs would not be in immediate danger for the remainder of their stay here.
Below is a picture of the offensive beast who almost met his demise at the hands of my naughty 14 year old (yes, it's true) neighbor. Looks pretty dangerous, huh?


jlg said...

WHAT!?! Oh my! I wish I could have seen all this!