October 5, 2007


Mrs. Susan and boys after Mother's Day Out. T is visibly shaken at having to leave her!:)
Mary Sydney, McKenzie and Z
Taking a break
Perfect hair. Although we need to work on the fake smile
Purple milk shake for two
Jamie and Alexee

In the words of Brandon's 15 year old cousin, this week has been very "emo"! (I will have more teenage lingo in the near future...Raegan will soon be our neighbor!) Wednesday we met Brittany, Mary Sydney, and McKenzie at JumpZone for one last playdate. We were happy to run in to Liann and Garret there, as well. I was sad watching the kids play together because I knew it would be the last time for a while. Brittany was the ONLY person I knew when I moved here and she has been a dear friend to me. Our oldest kiddos have a blast together. Mary Sydney is one of the orginal girlfriends...many have come and gone over his brief 4 years, but she has remained! Please notice that he spiked his hair for his "date" with her.

Thursday, T went to his last day of MDO at Immanuel and Z and I met Jamie, Rhett and Alexee at Purple Cow. I think it was Jamie who introduced me to Purple Cow and MANY important discussions, friendly chats, and counseling sessions have since occured over a purple milk shake there---with Jamie and other of my closest friends. In true Jamie fashion, she brought us some Forrest Wood goodies to remember her family and this great state by. Z was thrilled to know that Rhett's PawPaw makes boats! Leaving her little family after lunch was just so sad for me. We have been through so much together--new babies, new houses, husband's job changes, birthday parties, costume parties, and MANY a Friday morning playdates. I know that we will keep in touch and we will get to watch each other's kids grow year by year, but it will never be the same. My heart aches just thinking about it.

After all that trauma, I was off to get T at MDO. Susan and I agreed that I would take a picture, we would have a "quick hug" and then I would hit the parking lot with no tears...YEAH RIGHT! She was one of the first people that I told that I was moving and we have barely discussed it since b/c it's just hard to think about. She has been such a blessing to me--she has loved me and my boys, unconditionally (trust me on this, Z was very unlovable during his first days at church nursery!!!) and made us feel right at home since day one. To say that I (and my boys) will miss her would be a drastic understatement!

I came home yesterday afternoon feeling so drained. I am trying to remember what an answered prayer this move will be for our famly of four; however, every day reality sets in a little more. It is not going to be easy to leave our lives behind here.


jlg said...

I was going to try really hard not to be "emo" at lunch...and I made it fine until R & Z decided to have a race down the sidewalk on our way out and I just got so sad to think that they won't get to play together on a regular basis. It seems like I've known you so much longer than three years...you have been there for me during some really sad times, some challenging times and lots of very happy times over those 3 years. Thank you for everything! Well, I've started crying again just typing a short comment, so I'm obviously not doing too well with your move. I promise to keep in touch. Love you & your sweet family!!!!