October 31, 2007

Look alike

EVERYONE in MP has told me that Z looks like this little boy, Luke. Funny that he ended up in the same class with him. I finally saw him the other day for the first time and there definitely is a big resemblance. He is younger than Z so he looks a lot like Z did when he first turned 3. I took some pics of him for you to check it out. Can you see the similarities?

By the way, all you Arkansan readers, (all 3 of you!) his daddy was a Razorback football player! :)
P.S. Z just walked in the room as I was posting this and I asked him who was in these pics...he said, "ME!"


jlg said...

I DO think they look alike! If it's like my small town, you're probably related...8th cousins or something! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! They really do look alike! Maybe Z is a tad bit cuter! But that could be just my family bias!