October 16, 2007

Family Time

Emma with the boys on one of her many after school visits

Z and Katie taking a break on the trampoline to pose for a pic
T joining in the fun
Raegan at her volleyball game...we loved getting to hop in the car and go watch her play

We have gotten a huge dose of family in the days that we have been here, and we have loved every minute of it. My kids are just waiting by the door to see which grandmother, aunt, uncle or cousin will stop by next. It is so fun to have so many cousins close to my kids age--they do make the best playmates.


Anonymous said...

You are not as near happy as we are to have you in Texas. It is wonderful to just drop by and see my boys! Love having you guys here! Grandmommy

jlg said...

Wow the boys look so much alike in that first picture in the blue shirts! I'm happy for you guys...that's how it was for us growing up--all my cousins lived close and we were close in age and had so much fun growing up together. I loved going to their house after school and playing together at our grandparents' house. Z & T look happy!