October 24, 2007


I can't believe I am THIRTY today. I don't feel a day older, but it does sound so weird to say that I am 30! Let's take a look back at some of the excitement that has happened over the last three decades.

Born October 25, 1977 in Columbus, MS to Jack and Roxie. Third child and a VERY big surprise! Older sister and older brother built a tree house the day I came home from the hospital---with bricks!! Can't imagine how sister got one dropped on her head!!

1: Had surgery on my chest for infected chicken pox. My mom is still traumatized that they threw my pacifier at her while hauling me off to OR.

2: Cracked my head open at a gas station on our way to Six Flags. Didn't stop my family from visiting the amusement park...a small detour to the ER and we were on our way

3: My parents divorced and my mom, sister, brother and I moved to TX

4: Started Jack-n-Jill. I met my future husband there!

5: Started Kindergarten at EC Brice. Mrs. Tudman was my teacher and I still think she is the greatest teacher ever

6: Dad married Kaye--it has been said that I thought I was a bride that day and attempted to steal the show...I am pretty sure I was successful!

7: Got the best dog ever! Brownie lived until I was a sophomore in college

8: Broke my leg snowskiing in Breckenridge (Breaking-ridge!!!!)

9: Tripp went to live with my dad. Missed my full-time-live-in playmate

10: The next two years must have been very boring--I have nothing exciting to report

11: Besides slumber parties, BFF dramas, Le Press-on nails and make-up, I have no significant memories of this year

12: Started Jr. High. Beautiful time in my life...wish I had some pictures to share. Just imagine big bangs, ribbon belts, and pinch rolled jeans.

13: Officially a teenager--poor Mom! I think it was around this time that my BFF's and I were labeled as the "Unicorns" because our noses were always in the air!! Love it! Thanks, Jaci, for the nickname, and then for years later revealing it to us!

14: Cheered for the PE Wallace Cubs. Got my braces ON---when everyone else was getting theirs OFF!

15: Freshman cheerleader for Mt. Pleasant Tigers. Went to Homecoming with a SENIOR! Mom, what were you thinking??!!

16: Started driving...got the worse car ever---still mad at Dad over that one! First year as a dancer for the Tiger Dolls. Brandon and I also started dating officially this year after a certain math class required much group "studying."

17: Mom married my stepdad, Mark. Bless his heart for moving in with a 17 year old teenager. He instantly became a Tiger Doll dad and I sure did have him out on that football field placing our props!

18: Sr. Lt. for Tiger Dolls. Graduated from MPHS. Took off to Baylor

19: Liking dorm life, Pledged a sorority, Loving living life on my own

20: Talked my parents into letting me live in an apt. Had 3 roommates. Never a dull moment-we had a blast!

21: Kaye and her sister took us to downtown Dallas to celebrate this milestone. Brandon broke up with me this year---BROKE MY HEART! My 1st nephew was born this year. I loved that baby boy so much and loved spoiling him. After his birth is when I decided that mommy days were definitely in my future

22: Got back together, got engaged and married to Brandon--plus I graduated from Baylor that year less than 24 hours after having surgery for a kidney stone

23: Trying to figure out what it means to be a good wife. Learning that living on a tight budget is no fun! Working for Gap

24:Our hardwork and long hours pay off, we bought our first house!!!

25:Began work at Brooks Brothers and got pregnant with my Z

26: Celebrated this birthday 5 days overdue with Z. He was born 3 days later. MOVED to LR

27: Joined Immanuel Baptist Church and started Moms n More. Met the best friends, mentors and accoutability partners I could ever ask for. My faith and relationship with Christ grew by leaps and bounds

28: Added T to our family of three--couldn't beleive we could be so blessed with two precious boys

29: Moved home to MP-something I thought I would NEVER do...never say never!!!!

30: Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store!


Anonymous said...

Even though you were a surprise, you have blessed my life beyond reason. I have loved every minute of the last 30 years and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for all of us! We are so blessed!

jlg said...

Happy Birthday! So thankful for #26 so that we could meet and become friends! Hope you have a great day (I like your cake)...and I hope the next 30+ years are just as happy and blessed!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that I have some pics of the Big Bangs and Ribbon Belts... probably a pic I took right before you tried to steal my boyfriend :)!!!

bs said...

I'm with Jamie....so glad you stopped off in LR for a while. You were only here 3 years, but it seems like we have known each other much longer! Hope you had a great birthday...glad you're finally getting old with the rest of us.