October 31, 2007

School Halloween Party

Today was Z's Halloween Party at TLC. I made cupcakes, and they turned out pretty dang cute...if I must say so myself. I also made little pumpkin pails for each kid--I heard one kid ask if he could throw his away, so they may not have been the hit that the cupcakes were.

The party was short and sweet, but I think the kids enjoyed it. They were all on a sugar high, for sure!


jlg said...

The cupcakes turned out great! What did you use for the leaves? I laughed out loud about the kid asking if he could throw his bucket away.

bs said...

you go, martha stewart! the cupcakes look great! don't worry about the bucket comment, they were really cute and that's all that matters!

Anonymous said...

Cute pails and the cupcakes looked cute. What did you use for the stem and leaf?


By the way...I am posting comments on each section from now on, since you 'yelled'(just kidding) at Robin and I for not commenting! :)