October 31, 2007

Birthday Dinner

Here are some photos from Z's birthday get together on his actual birthday. It is important to him that this not be called his "party" because he is expecting much bigger and better things for the real deal! Grandmommy made a cake which blew my husband away. He apparently did not know what a cake baker my mama is! Z got a brand new John Deere Gator from The Milams which rendered him speechless. He also got a tent from Uncle Rocky that was a big hit. Between the box for the Gator and the tent, all the kids could have entertained themselves outside for hours! Z also got 2 sets of boxing gloves. We have had boxing matches at our house EVERY night since. It was a fun night with perfect weather!

Thanks to PawPaw James for great burgers!


bs said...

Tell Zac that Paul wants a ride on his John Deere this weekend. Paul has always wanted one!

Anonymous said...

What else does this boy need? Seems like he has it all, although I would bet he would argue with me that there is so much more he 'needs'!