October 30, 2007

Haunted Festivities

Z dressed up as an "Army Man" on Saturday night..only because he wanted to carry this gun!
Mommy's little bear
Z trying to "mummify" his friend
This is Monica telling the kids about all the scary things she had in her bowls. Z touched the "eyeballs" (grapes), but he just couldn't make himself touch the "brains"! That is cousin Trace next to Z. (please notice vampire teeth) Z drew much of his bravery that night from having his older cousin by his side. Also, notice the bottom half of Strawberry Shortcake in the rear. That is cousin Katie. As you can see, she wanted no part of any of it!

Saturday night Brandon and I took the boys to our neighbor's Halloween Scarefest. They really get in to Halloween and you wouldn't believe all the decorations, games, and festivities she had. Brandon had to take T home early for bed, but Z had an absolute blast. Most of the kids were older than him so he loved hanging with the big boys. They have a rope swing in their backyard and I think that was the highlight of Z's night