October 1, 2007

Texas Football

We experienced a weekend full of Texas Fall this weekend. Too bad the weather didn't feel very "fallish"!

Friday night Brandon and I took Z to a Mt. Pleasant Tigers' football game. He most definitely caught Texas High School Football Fever. He was stomping his feet, cheering, waving his "Tiger Towel", eating all the nutrious snacks that a football stadium offers and having the time of his life. He told us on the way home that he is coming to every game when he moves to Texas. We told his Grana about the Tiger t-shirts that all the kids were wearing, and those who know Grana, know that we now have our very own. He has worn it almost non-stop since he got it (see "fair" post). Even T got one for when he is old enough to catch "the fever."


jlg said...

Z looks like he's having such a great time in all these pictures. I'm going to miss you guys sooooo much, but y'all are going to be so happy back "home" where you can do all this fun stuff as a family. You and I have talked before how we wouldn't trade our small-town roots for anything...now Z and T are going to get that same wonderful experience. I'm kinda jealous...I miss home a lot, especially after being there with R and watching him play outside for hours, etc. I missed out on the high school football experience b/c our school was too small for a football program, but maybe we can come visit and you can take us to a game!! :) Miss you all already.